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  • Farmer's Market Shopping Tips
    As you all know by now WTF is not returning to the Farmers Markets this season.  Although, you can still come out to the farm & buy our products.  Just call/text first to make sure we are around!

    Just thought I would share some shopping tips that we have learned throughout our 8 years at the markets.

    1- Bring cash.  Although several vendors do have the ability to swipe cards cash is always the easiest for the vendors/farmers.

    2-Bring a cooler and/or shopping bags.  Lots of farmers markets have more than fruits & vegetables.  Many have meats, cheeses, seafood & other perishable items so bring a cooler to store those items in. 

    3-Say Hello to the vendor/farmer & ask questions.  If you don't know what something is ask, if you don't know how to cook something ask. 

    4-Remember when you are at the farmers market you are shopping seasonally & locally.  Most farmers markets aren't going to have oranges & bananas & there will not be watermelons in April.

    5- Don't buy too much!!  Sounds crazy...right?  When you get to the market walk around & see what everyone has then go back & start your buying.  We really don't want you to waste anything or have to throw anything away.
  • Salisbury Farmers Market Newsletter

    Hey Folks!

    Winter was a doozy, but fresh veggies, eggs, meats and more are available starting next weekend across from Rowan Public Library downtown. We'll be open:

    Wednesdays and Saturdays 8am-noon



    Wednesday 4-7pm!!

    Our first Wednesday evening market will also feature the local Kabob Food Truck!


    Sadly Wild Turkey Farms has grown to the point where they do the vast majority of their business wholesale and won't be at market this year. It's great to see them be able to move that direction. But not to worry! Bame Farms, Third Creek Cottage Gardens, Sandy Creek Farm and Cherry Hill Farm (Rowan Farm School graduates) are all joining us as new vendors this year!


    I look forward to meeting so many new people starting next week. Not to mention all the delicious local farm products.


    Eric Bowen

    Manager, salisburyfarmersmarket.com

    Executive Director, breadriot.org

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